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Fotos / Imagenes Boda Allisson Lozz y Eliu Gutierrez

La boda de Allisson Lozz – Eliu Gutierrez fue el 15 de enero. Se casaron antes la jueza en Chihuahua.  Segun Allisson: “Jamas volvere a actuar” Un beso entre Eliu Gutierrez y Allisson Lozz. 

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Boda Civil de Allisson Lozz y Elliu Gonzalez en Chihuahua

Allisson Lozz se caso con Eliu Gutierrez Actress-singer Allission Lozz is rumored to have tied the knot with her boyfriend Eliu Gutieerz Holguin this weekend. According to El Heraldo de Chihuahua, a local paper, the 18-year-old singer actress and her … Continue reading

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