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Nasaan ka Elisa? is the Philippine adaptation of ¿Dónde está Elisa?, a Chilean telenovela by TVN. The local version is produced by ABS-CBN and stars Melissa Ricks, Agot Isidro and Albert Martinez.

Nasaan ka Elisa? es la version filipina de la telenovela ¿Dónde está Elisa?, una produccion chilena por TVN. La version local es producida por ABS-CBN y esta protagonizada por Melissa Ricks, Agot Isidro y Albert Martinez.

Cast Nasaan si Elisa? Elenco Nasaan si Elisa?

Melissa Ricks as Elisa Altamira
Albert Martinez as Mariano Altamira
Agot Isidro as Dana Altamira
Eric Fructuoso as Bruno Caceres
Vina Morales as Cecile Altamira-Caceres
Christopher Roxas as Joey Rincon
Mickey Ferriols as Vivian Altamira-Rincon
Franco Daza as Santi Rincon
Isabella De Leon as Crissy Altamira
Alexa Ilacad as Ella Altamira
Aldred Gatchalian as Edward Caceres
Joem Bascon as Cristobal Rivas
Desiree Del Valle as Giselle Santillian
Allen Dizon as Nick
Tibo Jumalon as Briceno
Edgar Sandalo as Mr. Tan

Pictures Nasaan ka Elisa? Photos Nasaan ka Elisa? Imagenes Nasaan ka Elisa?

Albert Martinez

Agot Isidro

Melissa Ricks

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