Univision’s Eva Luna is most-watched telenovela in the US

Eva Luna, the telenovela produced by Venevision International received an average rating of 20.5 in its primetime slot at 20:00 hours on the Univision Network last Monday. This is according to the Nielsen Television National Index -Hispanics. Thus, with more than 4.8 million viewers, this super production starring Guy Ecker and Blanca Soto was the most watched soap opera in the U.S. Hispanic television.

In addition to its distribution in Puerto Rico and the U.S., Eva Luna was purchased by customers in Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Ecuador and Georgia. And as reported in a statement released by Venevision International, negotiations are being finalized in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, Lithuania, Romania, and Croatia.

The plot of the hit Eva Luna tells of a modern love story that revolves around the life of Eva Gonzalez (Soto), a beautiful young lady, humble and entrepreneur who comes to Los Angeles in search of a better life. There she finds true love when she meets Daniel Villanueva (Ecker), a successful executive, wealthy, widowed father of a young daughter. However, both must pass many tests, enemies and obstacles to be together.
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