Mario Cimarro denies accusations of causing conflicts in the set of Los Herederos del Monte

Mario Cimarro has denied rumors that he has acted unprofessionally while shooting the telenovela Los Herederos del Monte. 
The actor has made it to the headlines after Tvynovelas published a story accusing the Cuban actor of refusing to shoot a scene which involves him being slapped by his co-protagonist Marlene Favela. According to the online article, he refused because it would cause his character to appear weak.
The actor, in an interview with Terra, cleared the issue. According to the actor, indeed he refused to shoot the scene because in his opinion, it was not as was portrayed in the novel. He said that he had read the original novel and so he shared his opinion with the director that the slapping was contrary to the story in the novel . Mario Cimarro said that the director obviously saw his his point of view and so he did not shoot the scene as originally planned.
Morevoer, Mario Cimarro  said, that he enjoys the support of the Producer of the Telenovela as well as the Vice President of Entertainment of Telemundo. The two   have given him the right to have a say in things pertinent to the telenovela.
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