ABS-CBN (Philippines) to do a Gata Salvaje remake

ABS-CBN, a network from the Philippines, is set to do a remake of Gata Salvaje. This is if foro rumors are indeed true.

The 252-episode Mario Cimarro and Marlene Favela starrer made quite an impact when it was shown in the Philippines. Apart from Gata Salvaje, Mario Cimarro had a string of other hits in the said country like Pasion de Gavilanes (Local Title: Pasion de Amor) and El Cuerpo del Deseo ( Local Title: El Cuerpo)

Incidentally, the protagonists of Gata Salvaje have been reunited to also do a remake of a Chilean telenovela ( Los Herederos del Monte )

Here are some old capturas of Gata Salvaje:


There is still no information regarding the possible stars who will be stepping into the shoes of Mario Cimarro and Marlene Favela.

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