Police arrests Gabriela Spanic’s assistant for attempting to poison the star and her family

Mexican police have arrested and detained an Argentine citizen  for allegedly trying to poison the Venezuelan actress Gabriela Spanic; her son Gabriel Spanic; her mom and her son’s nanny this Monday.

The local unit said in a statement that they arrested Marcia Babio Celeste Fernandez, identified as personal assistant to Spanic, on charges of attempted murder and allegations that she has been,  for four months, putting ammonium on the food of the actress and her family.

The star of “Soy tu Duena” (Televisa) filed a complaint against Fernandez, 24 who lived at the home of the actress after they hired her as his assistant in January.

The actress reported to the authorities that from April she and her family have begun to have experience vomiting, dizziness, headaches, weakness and chills.

Spanic said she shared the symptoms, his mother, his son and a maid.

By August, the symptoms continued leading the actress and her family to go to a specialist. After running some tests, ammonia was detected in their blood, “what was causing the symptoms was long-term poisoning which could have been fatal,” said Attorney in charge of the case .

In early August, Spanic had given permission for her assistant to visit her family in Argentina.

According to the complaint, the actress and her family realized that the only one that had not been ill was Fernandez, who allegedly for several weeks has neither been eating nor drinking anything in the house.

The attorney said the police located in the bedroom of the assistant the two vials containing ammonium sulfide.

Fernandez was arrested on August 19 in southern Mexico City on her return from Argentina. In her handbag were found two vials with the same substance.

The Argentine citizen remains to be detained in a prison in the capital and so far has not revealed a possible motive for the attempted murder of the actress Gabriela Spanic and her family.

Spanic A spokeswoman said in a press release would not comment “until his legal team deems appropriate.”

All those affected by ammonium are under drug treatment, but did not specify when or in what is expiring.

“We appreciate your attention to this painful and sensitive issue of Gabriela Spanic and his family well in advance for your support as always unconditional love of his fans and the general public at this difficult time,” said the spokeswoman’s statement said Paty Padilla .

Among other soap operas, Spanic also starred in “Tierra de Pasiones”, “The Intruder”, “Revenge” and “usurper.”

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