Altair Jarabo, the new leading lady of William Levy

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Maite Perroni is out, Altair Jarabo is in.

To the disappointment of their Cuidado con el Angel fans, Maite Perroni has turned down the offer which would have given her the opportunity with her former onscreen partner Willliam Levy. The actress said that because of prior commitments, she had to refuse the role.

Replacing Maite, and to be William’s co-protagonista in Un Amante a la Medida, is Altair Jarabo.

Altair, like Maite, is currently doing Mi Pecado. Thus, the theatrical produciton is expected to commence once the said telenovela ends.

Also starring in the said theatrical production are Gabriela Goldsmith, Fernando Carrillo and Alexis Ayala.

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