[Telenovela Feature] Kahit Isang Saglit

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Rocky Santillan’s (Jericho Rosales) father was a policeman who was murdered. His mother suffered from a fatal heart attack as she mourned her husband’s lifeless body on the beach. Margaret/Garie (Carmen Soo) was very happy to see her father, Ronaldo Dimaandal (Albert Martinez), again and was excited to spend time with both her mom & dad, but she awoke the next morning to find out he had gone again. Garie and her mom then went to live with a relative who didn’t too think much of her dad (Garie’s Grandmother & Eunice’s mother).

After 15 years, Rocky has become a PDEA officer and has gone to Malaysia for an important assignment. While in Malaysia, he secretly leads an investigation into his father’s death, which remains unsolved though Rocky can still remember the face of the man who visited his dad before he was murdered (Garie’s dad). Meanwhile, Garie still yearns for her father. She still believes that her father left against his will and plans to go to the Philippines to look for him.

One busy day, when both of them are in a rush, they collide and fall into each other’s arms.


Jericho Rosales as Francisco ‘Rocky’ Santillan, Jr.
Carmen Soo as Margaret ‘Garie’ Hang-Li
Albert Martinez as Ronaldo Dimaandal
Christopher de Leon as Anthony Mondragon
Cristine Reyes as Alona Mondragon
Soosan Hoh as Eunice Hang-Li
Louisa Chong as “Popo” Jenny Hang-Li
Malou De Guzman as Auntie Marian Santillan
Isabel Rivas[5] as Vivian Mondragon
Awal Ashaari as Amir Mohammad
Zayanah Ibrahim as Anis
Dick Israel as Commander Matteo Padilla
Empoy Marquez as Nestor
Wilma Doesnt as Mona
Neil Ryan Sese as Commander Rene Ilagan
Nanding Josef as Serbio
Beatriz Saw as Attorney Espinosa
Zeppi Boromeo as Agent Dipong
Marvin Raymundo as Agent Monching
Erynne Erynna as Young Garie
Pilar Pilapil
Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino as Mrs. Barbara Reyes, the Governor’s wife
Nonie Buencamino as Francisco Santillan, Sr.
Glenda Garcia as Mrs. Santillan, Rocky’s mother
Joem Bascon as Young Ronaldo
Rafael Rosell as Young Anthony
Winryll Banaag as Joshua
Lauren Novero as Edgar
Rico Barrera as the drug dealer
Josh Ivan Morales

Tema Musical/Theme Song

Pa’no ang puso kong ito
Ngayong lumisan ka sa buhay ko
Kung kailan sumikat ang araw at
Lumigaya ang aking mundo
Pa’no nang mga bukas ko
Ngayong wala ka na sa piling ko
Paano ang mga pangarap
Mga pangako sa bawat isa
San’y ika’y muling makita ko
Damhin ang tibok ng puso mo
Sana’y yakapin mo ako muli
Kahit sandali, kahit isang saglit
Mayakap ka
Puso ko’y biglang naulila
Iyong iniwanan na nag-iisa

Song used in Malaysia


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