Silvia Navarro ready to undergo plastic surgery

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Mexican superstar Silvia Navarro is ready to go under the knife, when the time is right.

“I give a hundred percent in everything I do. This is who I am. And so when the day comes when I really need to undergo plastic surgery, I’m going to do it,” Navarro said.

She adds: “Beauty is a requirement imposed on us by the society. Nevertheless, we have to be conscious in what we do, and above all love ourselves. If we accept who we are, I suppose we’re going to reject the other things around us. But everyone is free to choose what he/she wants.”

Meanwhile, the star of the telenovelas Cuando seas Mia and Manana es para Siempre, assured in the interview, that at the moment, she does not want to do any telenovelas as she wants to do theater and movies.

Next month, her play “Todo eran mis Hijos” is set to open at the Teatro Helenico.

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