Barbara Mori and her Indian co-star to attend the Cannes Film Festival

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Duo will walk Cannes red carpet but stay in separate hotels
Rakesh Roshan is taking his Hrithik-Barbara starrer Kites to the Cannes Film Festival this year. As a part of the Cannes itenary, Hrithik and Barbara will be walking the red carpet on the day rushes of the film are showcased.
A source reveals, “Kites features on the list of movies to be showcased at Cannes and will be shown to international buyers on May 16. Kites has been tagged under the genre of romantic thriller and tags a running time of 135 minutes. There are also plans to have a press conference with the local press. Since this is Hrithik’s first time to Cannes, he wants to make the most of his trip. The trip will also be a huge deal for Barbara who has jumped into the big league after being a Mexican TV actress.”
However, the source adds that the whole trip has been planned in a way that there is no focus on the Hrithik-Barbara alleged affair. “As of today, Hrithik and Barbara will be walking the red carpet together. But they will be put up in separate hotels. While Hrithik will be staying with his dad and Suzanne at the Martinez Hotel, Barbara will be put up in a separate hotel with her brother Kintaro.”
Why are the stars being separated physically?
Reports of a squabble between Hrithik and Suzanne over the hero’s fling with the hottie from South America made news earlier this month. These were denied immediately by the family and there was a show of unity. Suzanne’s ‘moving away from home’, as was alleged in one report, was explained away as due to house repairs. But the issue is still simmering. And that’s why the Roshans want to ensure that there is no report over this at Cannes.
News of Hrithik and Barbara was picked up by the local media in Mexico, which is Mori’s country. “Rakesh Roshan knows there will be Indian media present at the Kites screening. He has already briefed Barbara and told her to ignore and not reply to any questions other than the film. But it will be interesting to see how he handles the situation.”
Rakesh Roshan denied the rumour that Barbara was sitting out the swine flu epidemic in India. She wasn’t in the country and would not return, he said

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